In 2004,  moved to Sonoma, California and changed the showroom name to Cabernet Kitchen and Bath. Don continues to do upscale residential architectural design and has completed numerous projects throughout California where their creative skills and inventive designs are constantly in demand. Their thorough knowledge of the culinary arts combined with his ability to provide ingenious home designs results in projects which completely amaze his clients and impress their guests.


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  • Peter R


    The team members were not only skilled professionals but also genuinely friendly and approachable. They were always willing to answer my questions and made sure to involve me in the decision-making process. It felt like a true collaborative effort, and they valued my input, which was incredibly reassuring as a homeowner. Highly recommended.

  • Kyra T


    I cannot speak highly enough of their outstanding services. From start to finish, this company demonstrated a level of professionalism and expertise that exceeded all my expectations. I would highly recommend them.

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